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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Cabinets

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What style of cabinet construction do you offer?
We offer a wide range of style from traditional/face frame cabinet to European/frameless cabinets and a combination of both types of construction. We'll be happy to help you choose and work within your budget. Visit our door page.

What is the difference between face frame and frameless?
Face frame cabinets are solid wood frames, and nailed/glued/screwed to the face box for greater strength. Frameless cabinets are shelves and partitions which are screwed together. How to decide which to choose? Ask yourself if you want to see cabinet (wood) in between the doors (face frame), or when looking at your cabinets all you want to see is the door (frameless). Visit our door page.

How long does it take to build my cabinets?
Depending on the size, details and extras our average time is 3-4 weeks. We understand the inconvenience and strive to take the least amount of time for you to have your kitchen disrupted.

Where do I begin?
For cabinets: Visit our Door Styles page to leisurely browse the catalog of door styles. You'll find your "style"—from Contemporary, Traditional, Country, etc. Write down a couple ideas, or dimensions, any details (are you adding drawers, storage; display lighting, glass doors, etc.) and your budget. Give us a call with your project idea and we'll set an appointment at your home, job site or our office.

I can't decide between a kitchen refacing or a full remodel. How do I choose?
A reface job sounds easier and less costly than new kitchen cabinets. It's the labor costs which typically sway your decision. The preparation of your old cabinets is time consuming, and gets costly. We are happy to price out the costs for both so you can compare and make your decision. You might be surprised to find the savings may only be a few hundred dollars. Often the labor involved in properly preparing the old cabinets for refacing is better spent on new cabinets.

What is the difference between your cabinets and home center cabinets?rustic solid wood kitchen cabinets
Home centers carry limited styles and sizes, which in turn limit your project and style. Chino Cabinets offers over 250 standard door styles to fit your decor, plus as cabinet makers we can create almost any design you design. Your doors WILL fit your cabinets. Since our cabinet boxes are made to fit your kitchen or bathroom's dimensions you'll use all available space. We can maximize your space efficiently.

Can you match the color of my existing cabinets?
There are so many particulars in color matching. Give us a call, we'll be happy to discuss your options.

I don't need new cabinets, but I have broken drawers. Do you repair cabinet drawers?

Absolutely! Bring them to our shop. We do a lot of drawer repairs.

Can you put in kitchen granite counter tops?
Yes, we can!

How do I clean my new cabinets?
It depends on the surface. Wood cabinets need a soft cloth—and depends on the finish. A lint free cloth dampened with mild soap and water works well—dry immediately. In any case don't use harsh cleansers (ammonia, bleach or abrasive cleaners) and avoid scouring pads, scouring powder—these can scratch your finish.

"We couldn't be happier with the cabinets! You both did an amazing job with the install and finishing touches. You've got amazing workmanship and excellent customer service. Thank you for your attention to detail and hard work."

—John & Patricia M, Laguna Niguel, CA

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